Will a certificate of participation be issued?
Yes, each participant will receive a nominal participation certificate.
Who are observers? Do they have a particular function?
Observers don’t participate in the competition, they attend an Observer's workshop during the exam, but join all the activities together with the competing teams. Their participation in the event strengthens international connections and increases the worldwide exchange of physics students. They may also gain experience in PLANCKS as future organizers or discuss opportunities for improvement.
Do I need to be an IAPS member to join the competition?
Yes, as stated in the PLANCKS General Rules document (PLANCKS General Rules Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kickass Students), all the team members must be IAPS members.
How many members does a team need?
Participation is only possible in teams consisting of 3 or 4 persons.
Can the team composition change again after registration?
Yes, but only if we are acknowledged and under our approval for such a change.
My teammates canceled, what can I do?
Inform us about your situation as soon as possible and we will find a solution.
Where do I find previous problems and solutions?
You can find the problems and solutions at this link.
How long does the competition exam last?
The exam lasts 4 hours.
Where exactly does the competition take place?
What material can I use during the competition?
As stated in the PLANCKS General Rules document (PLANCKS General Rules Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kickass Students) a team is allowed to bring a dictionary (English to their native language). A team is allowed to use a simple or scientific calculator (non-graphical). The use of hardware that is not approved by the organization is forbidden, with exception of simple watches and medical equipment. No books or other sources of information are to be consulted during the competition. All the team members must hand in anything that may assist them in the exam.
Can I eat or drink something during the competition?
Yes, snacks and drinks (water, coffee, tea) will be provided during the exam.
Can I ask for special dietary requirements?
For each meal, there will be at least one vegan option as well as a vegetarian one. We can also provide halal or kosher food. However, these might not be included in every meal by default. So please indicate this as a special diet when you register for PLANCKS.
How can I let you know about food allergies?
As well as for any other dietary requirement you can indicate a special diet when you register for PLANCKS. If you forgot to do that let's email us as soon as possible at
Do I need to bring a reusable water bottle?
Drinks will be provided during the meals; however, we invite you to bring your own (reusable) water bottle.
Which meals are included in the fee?
All the meals mentioned in the program are included in the registration fee.
Is there a dress code to respect?
No, you are welcome to wear anything you want. During the event, there will be a lot of different activities such as social dinners and social activities. The advice is to bring a piece of luggage with the bare essentials for any eventuality and type of event.
Do I need to bring a towel and linen?
No, there will be no need for bed linen and towels.
Where can I find information during the event?
During the event, all the information will be available on our Instagram page @plancks23. The entire program and all the venues will be available on this website. Furthermore, there will be a phone number active 24h for any emergency.
Which vaccinations against COVID-19 are recognized in Italy?
The vaccinations of BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson and CureVac are currently the ones approved in the European Union.
Which vaccinations against COVID-19 are required in Italy?
For any information about COVID-19 issues, we suggest visiting the following website: Covid-19, travellers. General vaccination policy The Organizing Committee just follows the rules issued by the Italian Government, thus we recommend visiting the following website in order to have all the necessary information: Covid-19, travellers. Before you travel, please check if there are any travel restrictions for the place of origin you will be departing. Should we find out upon arrival that the necessary certificates are not provided or that a stay is not allowed for your place of origin, we are unfortunately not allowed to accommodate you. General COVID-19 policy during the competition and the event During the competition cases of COVID will be treated as requested by the Italian authorities, i.e. with a quarantine period. Obviously, a participant positive for COVID-19 will not be able to take part to the competition.
How does transportation in Milan work?
During the event, all movements between the different locations will be organized meaning that you will be either walked or provided a daily ticket to the location of the activities. However, if you need to move around the city you can use the subway “metro” and public transportation tickets can be bought at any metro station or online using the app ATM, by bus or tram.
How’s the weather in Milan in May?
Best look at the weather forecast of your choice, our suggestion is to look on and look for the weather in Milan. In Milan, in May it’s usually warm, with temperatures ranging between 12° and 23° degrees. You must also be warned that it may rain. May is with 90 mm rain split on 9-12 days.
Are there any applications that can be helpful in visiting Milan?
The organizing committee suggests Citymapper for transport and TheFork for food. It will be available a brief list of the best places to visit and the best restaurants in Milan.
What should I do in case of emergency?
In Italy, the emergency number is 112, active 24h. Furthermore, there will be a phone number of the staff active 24h for any problem or request.